Get your inexpensive and quickest installation Invisible Grille in Singapore at

$5.80 psf

Safe & Secure | Premium Grade Stainless Steel Cable | Nano-Coated to withstand weathering

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About Us

Teng Yong Invisible Grille is the leading specialist of Invisible Grille in Singapore. At Teng Yong Invisible Grille, we aim to create a pleasant experience for all clients.

Have a look at our product catalogue for the various styles and designs that we have come up with. We are always updating our catalogue to provide you, our valued customer,  with the latest pictures and information.

Since then, we have been creating new modern curtains that gives you an unobstructed view of the scenery yet a safe balcony environment.

From design to colour coordination advice… Perfection is what we pursue in our creations. Ensuring your windows a masterpiece!

Aluminium Grille
Aluminium Grille
Slider Window
Mosquito Net
Window with Mosquito Net

Benefits of Teng Yong's Invisible Grille


Material made up of top-quality stainless steel cable, coated with nano-technology membrane for resistance to wear and tear.

Modern design

Stylish window design that gives you a panoramic view without affecting the general appearance of your home.


Resistance to rust and dust, easy to maintain


The cheapest in Singapore at $5.80 psf.


Fits all windows and balconies of all sizes

Or Call Us At +65 8112 8948
  • check The cheapest price in the market at $5.80 psf
  • check Installation specialists to ensure your window system is highly secured
  • check Top quality stainless steel cables that is durable
  • check Fast and dependable installation process

Get your inexpensive and quickest installation Invisible Grille in Singapore at $5.80 PSF

Cheapest Price Guaranteed! What Are You Waiting For?

    Or Call Us At +65 8112 8948

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose Teng Yong Invisible Grille?

    In Teng Yong Interior Grille, we are capable of providing one-stop solutions. We carefully sourced and import out systems from North and South East Asia, giving you the most savings yet getting the best quality of the product.

    Our products went through the strict procedures of testing and are certified by a Singapore laboratory. (refer to certifications below).

    Our production team are rigorously trained even before producing the first set of Invisible Grilles for sale. We have an R&D team in place for creating new systems for you. They went through in-door trials to ensure the product quality is of excellent quality before launching it in the market.

    Teng Yong Invisible Grille ensures all of our customers to only receive the best quality of invisible grille.

    Why Invisible Grilles?

    Invisible Grilles are the newest, modern windows that give you unobstructed views from your home to the outdoors. Seen afar, the grilles are near invisible. Housekeeping is optional!


    What are Invisible Grilles made up of?

    Teng Yong uses stainless steel wires twirled together and wrapped in nanomembrane that withstands all weather. It is durable and it has proven records for preventing thieves in countries like China, Korea and Japan.

    Am I allowed to do a price comparison with other window grilles?

    Sure, feel free to ask around. Invisible grilles are the most budgeted yet strong with a nice design of window/balcony coverings.

    What are the functions of Casements and Sliding Frames Invisible Grille?

    Casements operate in a push and pull movement. Sliding Frames operate in a right and left movement. Both are used for areas that need the opening of window grilles such as drying your laundry.

    Is invisible grille safe for pets?

    It is on a case by case basis. For bigger size pets like Golden Retriever, there is no problem. Comes to small size pets like small Shitzu, rabbit, cat, Poodle,  kitten, that can slip between the gaps of the grille, then a suggestion would be to install additional netting at the bottom for safety precaution.

    Note: Teng Yong Invisible Grille does not provide safety netting.

    How long will I progress from Confirmation of Order to Installation?

    We have a large team of installers. That means you will be able to get your appointment early. Then followed by installations that could be done within 2-14 days.

    *All installations are subjected to changes.

    What is the duration for installing 200 Sq Ft of balcony/ window Invisible Grille?

    Time taken would be 2-3 days, depending on good weather conditions.

    All prices and timelines are estimated according to Teng Yong Invisible Grille’s Knowledge

    Each and every site prices and installation timeline varies and can only be determined after an on-site assessment

    with a quotation generated just for you.